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I wanted to learn Google App Engine. Powered by Google App Engine

I had a conversation with my mom about how to quickly calculate how much money you'd save from gas by switching to a more fuel efficient car.

On the plane back from visiting her, I sketched out this website inside App Engine.

A few days later, and it was filled out.

The three main sections of this site are the Barrel Price-to-Pump Price Calculator, the new car cost savings comparison calculator, and the Fuel Tracking Calculator.

The Barrel-to-Pump calculator tries to estimate what the price of a gallon of gas would be within 6 months of a new barrel price. This is an estimate based on the current barrel usage statistics, and will vary by region and tax situation.

The new car comparison will calculate your yearly, weekly, and monthly savings on different MPG and Price-per-Gallons. You can use this to determine how much money you will save by switching cars.

The Tracker application will record your miles driven, price paid, and gallons consumed, so that you may understand your current driving patterns. If you have a Twitter account, you can send MPG updates via Twitter by sending a direct message to "gascalc".

Please let me know if you see any improvements, or have any other questions. Oh, and by the way, I don't own a car!


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