You've heard that the price of a barrel of oil is increasing, but how does that correspond to the price of gasoline? Use this gas price calculator to find out.
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Gas Calculator Resource
If the price of one barrel of oil is: Then one gallon of gas would be:

$100 per barrel $3.28 per gallon


  • It takes 3-6 months for crude oil to make its way through the refining process and make it into gasoline that you buy at the pump. Due to this delay, you may not see an immediate jump in pump prices.

  • This assumes that there are no disruptions in refinery capacity. If a refinery is disrupted, as happened during Hurricane Katrina, then you should expect the price you pay at filling stations to increase beyond the estimates here. Similarly, if taxes change, that will be reflected in the fuel price.

  • The pump price will also vary depending on your geography.